Heaven and Hell Party

Heaven and Hell Party

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Get the best of both worlds with this theme. Explore the darker side with devilish decor and then lighten the mood with the angelic and brighter heaven side. Which side will you choose? This package will provide everything needed to complete your event with additional services to send your party over the top. Book an appointment with us to stop stressing and start partying now!

  • Heaven & Hell Decor
  • AV & Lighting
  • Props and Entertainment
  • Event Delivery, Set up and Tear down
  • Event Coordination & planning
  • Decor & prop rental
  • Equipment rental

What's included in our Heaven and Hell Party package

The entryway is separated into two separate archways. There is a post with two arrows pointing opposite directions: “Heaven” and “Hell.” To one side, Heaven’s archway is covered in white feathers and lit up with a soft white glow. To the opposite, Hell’s archway is lit by red LED light, with fire flames on either side. Once inside, the room is split in half by a center dance floor. Heaven’s side is decorated completely in white, with blue LED lights sporadically placed. There are ice sculptures, feathers, angel wings, and fluffy white clouds used as accents. On Hell’s side, red, yellow, and orange LED light fills the room. There are melting ice sculptures on the tables, which are decorated mostly in black. Devil horns, fire and black accents are added throughout the room.




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