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5 Best Venues to Host Your Next Casino Night

5. Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club

With breath-taking views of the St. Johns River, this luxurious riverfront mansion has been a staple of Jacksonville since the 1920s when it was built by Alfred I. duPont and his wife, Jesse Ball duPont. The second floor of the mansion has 3 large rooms perfect for an event of any size. The duPont Room features 1,372 square feet of floor space, great for large events. The smaller Mason Room features only 572 square feet of floor space, but can be combined with the duPont Room to have 1,944 square feet of floor space. The Gate Room, which is not able to be combined, has 576 square feet of floor space. While all are not able to hold Jacksonville Party Company’s biggest Casino Nights, they can easily accommodate the packages D, E, and F, or a custom package given the size allotted.

4. Manifest Distilling

One of Jacksonville’s newest and best venues downtown by TIAA Bank Field is Manifest Distilling. Found in the Doro District of Downtown Jacksonville, right next door to the always-lively Intuition Ale Works, Manifest offers the premiere industrial venue to fit the largest of events. With sliding glass doors diving the bar, tasting room, and distillery itself, Manifest can boast an up-to 9,000 square foot space, able to hold any size event you could dream up. With a maximum capacity of 167 people, there should be no problem at all filling your event with all the guests, tables, and slot machines you could possibly want.

3. Prime F. Osborn, III Convention Center

If you’re looking for a venue to knock people’s socks off, look no further than the Prime F. Osborn, III Convention Center. With their 2 ballrooms, both at 5,070 square feet of usable floor space, not to mention their 2 exhibit halls at over 35,000 square feet each, this venue can hold any size Casino Night you might possibly imagine, and maybe even a dinner if you felt so inspired. Your guests can either enter through doors by the parking lot, or, if you were looking for a luxurious experience with everyone making a moviestar-like entrance, the Grand Lobby can easily act as the gateway for all.

2. Florida Yacht Club

If you’re looking for an event space with an unbelievable view of the St. Johns River and downtown Jacksonville, look no further than the Florida Yacht Club just south of Jacksonville’s Avondale neighborhood on the west side of town. With multiple rooms ranging from the Astor Room and Porch that opens up right on the river, to the Ballroom and Captain’s Walk that can hold up to 300 people at one time, the Florida Yacht Club can make your guests feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury that’s been wowing visitors since 1876.

1. The Thrasher-Horne Center

Espousing over 6,000 square feet of space between 5 fully-equipped, luxurious banquet rooms, the Thrasher-Horne Center in Orange Park is home to some of the most exciting events on the First Coast, and it could be home to yours as well. Four of the five banquet rooms also feature movable wall partitions to open up the space to make it even larger. This venue is perfect for those who want to make a big splash with their Casino Night, all while affording their guests the space to walk around and park easily and painlessly.

Host A Casino Night Party!

Have you ever wanted to have the thrill of Vegas-style action at your event, but don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of flying your group all the way to Nevada? Then have no fear: Jacksonville Party Company is here to save the day with their incredible Casino Night event!

With packages ranging from just 4 tables for small events up to 43 tables for huge fundraisers, the Casino Night from Jacksonville Party Company has the perfect solution to whatever size party you want to throw. They can even provide custom packages to fit any size event you have in mind, making your event the hit of the season with all your guests. With a variety of table games, slots, dice games, and even roulette, all manned by seasoned, professional dealers, your Casino Night event will go off without a hitch. Everything you could ever need to throw a party like this will be brought by Jacksonville Party Company.

Jacksonville Party Company Casino Night

When it comes to table games, Jacksonville Party Company can offer up to 43 tables, featuring a diverse offering of poker and blackjack to suit any taste. From three card stud to Texas hold ‘em, your poker night will a hit for everyone involved. And don’t be worried about having some flimsy plastic or fiberboard folding table with a skirt around it: the tables we bring are made of luxurious cherrywood with real wooden legs, so your guests actually get the feel of Las Vegas when they enter your event.

But let’s say dice are more some peoples’ game. Jacksonville Party Company can also include a professional, Vegas-quality craps table in their packages to satisfy the needs of those who choose to shoot for sevens as opposed to letting the cards fall in their favor. As with the table games, Jacksonville Party Company’s craps tables are of the highest quality and aren’t something simple that you would pick up at your local shopping center. At 11 feet by 5 feet, and high enough for everyone to stand around and play comfortably, these tables will elate all those that choose to play them.

The roulette wheel is nothing to scoff at either. Featuring a full, 32 inch wheel akin to anything you’d find in a typical Las Vegas casino, Jacksonville Party Company’s roulette table is not for the faint of heart or for those who don’t want to bet. At a full 8 feet long by 3 and a ½ feet wide, our roulette table is large enough for plenty of your guests to stand around to gamble or just to stand and watch the action, growing ever more jealous while they do.

For those that are more geared to the one-armed bandit of the slot machine, Jacksonville Party Company is able to accommodate them easily. With a variety of machines, all acquired from real, working casinos, and offering up the most recent designs and games, our slots will easily fit the needs of those who want to either sit at one machine all night long or move from machine to machine until their luck strikes.

So what all do you need to provide? Simple. Between a mere 1050 square feet up 5575 for the largest party package, Jacksonville Party Company can fill any space just right. Seating is either something we can bring with us for an additional charge, but many of the venues that we frequent and highly recommend can easily supply enough seats for any number of guests that you’re expecting.

Every party package designed by Jacksonville Party Company is pre-priced for 3 hours of card dealing along with a 1 hour setup and delivery time. If you’d like a party longer than 3 hours, that can easily be arranged and accommodated for with an additional fee. Our dealers will show up to the venue, fully dressed in tuxedos like proper dealers should, 30 minutes before the event starts so they’re set and ready to go when it comes time. At the end of playing time, there’s also a 30 minute period people will “cash out” and trade their chips in for raffle tickets at the table their at. While it’s not necessary for you to provide prizes people can win, it is highly recommended as a Casino Night event where no one can win anything at all can leave guests with a bad taste in their mouths. In case you want to give your guests the thrill of not going home empty handed, we can easily have our “pit boss” run a raffle giveaway or you’re more than welcome to handle the emcee duties yourself. Either way, if you do choose to do a raffle, the tickets can be provided by us free of charge.

So if you have an upcoming fundraising event and you want to have the most interactive and exciting experience possible for both you and your guests, go ahead and book a Casino Night package from the Jacksonville Party Company. You can bet it’ll be a great event!

Top 5 Venues for Dueling Pianos Party

  1. The River Club

With simply stunning views of the St. Johns River, downtown Jacksonville, and San Marco, not to mention the wide swath of the First Coast one can glean from that vantage point, The River Club offers amazing venues to best showcase the Dueling Pianos of the Crazy 88s. Featuring 2 ballrooms, the Florida and River, and the more intimate Ortega Room, the Florida Club can offer up space to fit any size event or need that may arise, all while 35 floors up from street level. Make sure your guests have the best time possible, all while our trained master musicians liven them up with their expert playing and witty banter.

  1. The Club Continental on the St. Johns River

Built in 1923 by the heir to the Palmolive Soap fortune, Caleb Johnson, this incredible venue in Orange Park, right on the St. Johns River, gives your party goers a glimpse into the luxurious life of the roaring 20s. With multiple banquet rooms available, holding anywhere from 25 to 100 guests, and with the ability to rent out either the entire club or just half of it from Friday night to Sunday, the Club Continental can fit any size need you might have to make your next event with the Crazy 88s Dueling Pianos a hit.

  1. The Barn at Cottonwood Ranch

Hidden back in the rolling landscape that is Callahan lies hidden little gem that is the Barn at Cottonwood Ranch. This amazing venue, with space for 299 guests at one time, can hold any event you can imagine with the Crazy 88s at its center. Not only does it feature great acoustics, but it’s location means the band can play as loud as your want into the wee hours of the morning without disturbing a soul.

  1. Casa Marina Hotel & Restaurant

Showcasing itself right on the Atlantic Ocean on beautiful Jacksonville Beach, the historic Casa Marina has been delighting guests since 1925. The expansive dining room and courtyard area can hold a large number of guests, and the beachfront venue right in the dunes means your guests will have an immensely relaxing time all while taking in the Dueling Piano talents of the Crazy 88s.


  1. Hyatt Regency – Jacksonville Waterfront

When it comes to hosting any type of gathering, be it a wedding, corporate event, or even a large party, nothing beats being right in downtown Jacksonville with stunning views of the St. Johns River. That being said, the Hyatt Regency – Jacksonville Waterfront is simply stunning, and does it perfectly. With either their River Terrace Rooms which can hold anywhere from 60 to 200 guests, or their Grand Ballroom which can hold up to 1000, this luxurious hotel can fit any need you might have. The Dueling Pianos of the Crazy 88s will wow your ears while the views of the Mainstreet Bridge and the St. Johns River will entice your eyes.