7 Deadly Sins Party

7 Deadly Sins Party

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Indulge yourself in every way with our 7 Deadly Sins Party package. Mysterious, cryptic and dark atmosphere set the mood for this sinfully enjoyable event. This package will provide everything needed to complete your event with additional services to send your party over the top. Book an appointment with us to stop stressing and start partying now!

  • 7 Deadly Sins Decor
  • AV & Lighting Equipment
  • Props & Entertainment
  • Event Delivery, Set up and Tear down
  • Event Coordination & planning
  • Decor & prop rental
  • Equipment rental

What's Included in our 7 Deadly Sins Party package

Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. The general décor for the 7 deadly sins theme is dark, mysterious lighting (using LED lights to accent each separate “sin”). The venue can be separated into separate “sins,” each with their own décor. Wrath: Decorated with red LED lighting and fire flames. Use spikes, black leather, iron, and metal as accents. Greed: Diamonds and gold are used to represent this sin. Use a mixture of yellow and white LED lighting. Other accents: Clear glasses with floating gold specks, oversized diamonds, gold chains and pendants. Sloth: Plush couches, chairs, and pillows along with oversized cushions are spread throughout the area. Draping surrounds the area, creating a cozy feel. Pride: This area is completely filled with all different sizes of mirrors to represent pride. Lust: For adult parties, this area will be filled with lace and satin décor. Corsets, feather boas, and fishnet can be used as displays. Envy: The idea behind this area is “green with envy.” Green LED lights create the atmosphere, with all green décor. Gluttony: This area will be where all of the food is served. The main bar is also in this area.




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