Laser Tag

Let Jacksonville Party Company powered by Battle Company help you add excitement to your next event. Look no further than Jacksonville Party Company Live Gaming Experience powered by Battle Company. We have different mission packages depending on your needs, and we come to you with the most advanced Live Gaming Experience in the market. Customized experiences are available to make your next team building or company event an epic adventure.


Our signature gameplay requires teamwork and communication you won’t find anywhere else. Your team will have to capture zones, communicate enemy positions and think on the fly to defuse bombs. Your team will need to plan an attack and then execute it in real time—together. Live Gaming Experiences can be a corporate team building event that will both refine needed communication and send the group back with smiles and some war-stories. We know that nothing builds a team like the battlefield!

Search & DESTROY: In this scenario the two teams lock horns to either defend or destroy a target building. At the start of the mission, the offensive team must acquire a briefcase bomb, transport it to the designated target and arm it. Meanwhile, the defending team must prevent the acquisition and use of the bomb. Failure to do so means they must defuse the bomb before time runs out! Once the building is either destroyed or the day is saved the game is flipped and roles are reversed.

Generals: Each team picks a General, whom they must protect with their lives. Teams can respawn as usual, but the General cannot. Once he dies, the game is over. You must make the tough strategical decision to send men to assassinate the enemy’s General, or keep them back to protect your own. event planning in Jacksonville

Kill of the Hill: In this game, players are tasked to capture and defend one or more central capture points in our arena. Whichever team controls those points wins the game. To take control a player must hold down his or her team’s colored button until the whole cube glows their team’s color. After that, they must sit back and defend against the incoming enemy players. It takes a lot of teamwork to take over, and even more to hold it. Are you up for the challenge?

CRACK THE CODE (Decode): Unlike Search and Destroy, the bomb has already been planted! This game is a race to set up a defense or mount an offense. Both teams start behind their base, and the bomb is ticking. One team’s goal is to get to the bomb and stop it from blowing up by decoding a lengthy sequence. The other team’s goal is to stop them and allow the bomb to explode.

LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: You’ve received word that one of your men has been captured and is being held behind enemy lines. You have a limited amount of time to get them out and back to safety. The game is set up much like Total Defense, but the addition of a human as a hostage introduces new challenges. The hostage can yell, giving away their position to the rescuing team. They can also wander off if none of the kidnappers are paying attention.

The Big Heist: There’s nothing like the thrill of an old fashioned heist. One team must make it up to our cache of safes, input all the correct codes, and grab as much cash as they can. They’ll have to set up a defense while they stuff their bags full, because the other team will be on the hunt. It’s the robbing team’s crucial decision when to stop and make off with the money. They’ll have a set time limit, and their bounty must make it to the getaway car. If it isn’t there, they make off with no money and no score. laser tag party in Jacksonville

SABOTAGE: One team is tasked with protecting some of their precious equipment. The opposing team must make it across the arena, infiltrate the enemy territory and destroy that device. They do this by simply shooting at it. Then, if the defending team pushes out the attackers, they can heal their machinery with the push of a button. Once it’s destroyed, though, it’s game over. Teams flip sides, and attackers become defenders. The team to dismantle the enemy equipment faster wins the rounds.

The Siege: Siege is a lot like a combination of Total Defense and Last Stand. The defending team must hide a box in our arena and defend it. The trick is that they have only one life. The attacking team, which has infinite respawns, will send wave after wave against them in hopes of grabbing that box and taking it back to their base. After the box is returned, the game is flipped and done again the opposite way. Quickest team to return the box wins.

The Last Stand: Your back is against the wall. You’ve got nothing left. No reinforcements. This is your last stand! In this scenario one team has to hold off wave after wave of enemy attackers. The defending team gets only one life, and they need to make it count. The longer they can hold out against the attackers, who can infinitely respawn, the more points they’ll get. After the last defender is eliminated the teams switch sides and roles.

Team Battle: The goal here is a simple one. Shoot the enemy. There are no other objectives, just kill or be killed. Win or die trying. The team that fully eliminates the other team wins. Because this is typically played as a Tactical game, this means your life is precious. Use it wisely.

Control the Battlefield:  The mission here is twofold. First you must locate control points throughout the arena. They can be anywhere. Once found, you must communicate to your teammates, mount a defense and take control. You do that by holding down your team’s colored button on the cube until it glows for your team. Once that is done you step back and defend while the cube accumulates points. laser tag party in jacksonville fl Defend your Honor: In war, supplies are key. One team is tasked with hiding and protecting one or two medical boxes inside our immense red hospital building. The opposing team must make it across the arena, infiltrate the building, capture the boxes and make it back to their starting base. It takes rock solid strategy, teamwork and lots of skill to attack or defend. Once the boxes are secured by either side, the teams switch and roles are reversed.

Guardians- GUARD YOUR LIFE: Guardians is a fast-paced twist on a familiar game, Generals. Each team picks out their Guardian. They must defend this person at all costs while trying to defeat the enemy’s Guardian. As long as your team’s Guardian is alive, you can respawn. As soon as he or she is down, once you’re dead you’re dead! The goal is to completely eliminate the other team within the time limit.

Rule your Domain: Dominion is a game of push and pull. Through the arena there is a line of capture points that must be taken by both teams in a specific order. One team goes one direction, and the other pushes the other. Zones can’t be captured out of order. A team must capture their first zone before their second and their second before the third. The team that is furthest in their lineup of zones and has more captured at the end of the game will win.

Turn the Tide: Resurgence is a variant of team death match with one key difference. Much like the dodge ball game you played as a kid, when you tag someone out, you’ll gain reinforcements! A skilled shot can quickly turn the tide of battle. Eliminate the other team or have the most players standing at the end to win.